TDR Podcast #70 – March 2024 Rundown

Race results from the Saint Fennessy 4K are broken down, and another Grandma’s Marathon/Young Athletes Foundation race is coming up with the Fitger’s 5k on April 20th. The very next weekend is an inaugural race on the Iron Range, the Victory 5k in Hibbing on April 27th.

In the Trails Report segment, Tony and Mike were a little confused at the exact status. The Superior Hiking Trail Association website’s Trail Conditions page had good advice regarding icy conditions, and to stay off the trails when the temperatures go above freezing. So, in general, trails are probably not advisable.

Tony talks training theory in this month’s Coach’s Corner segment. Tony is into gravel biking and Mike into disc golf, in addition to light jogging between the both of them. 

Ding ding ding! In the Duluth Rundown fanmail bag we had a shout-out for WURD – Washed Up Runners of Duluth, which is a local running club that meets casually a few times a week. Click the link for the Strava Club and all associated details. Another club on the rise is with our friends in Superior, Wisconsin at the Superior Running Club. What running club or group(s) do you know of? Send them to the Duluth Rundown Fanmail Bag so we can all discover more groups! Email with that, or any other shout-outs that you can think of. 

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