TDR Podcast #23 – Jessica Rossing Interview

Jessica Rossing, local runner, former Team USA Triathlon competitor, and local fitness-based business owner joins Mike and Tony to talk about her history with athletics, running and triathlon.

Jess talks about her excellent travels around the world competing at a high level in triathlon, while also commenting on how she has grown a fitness community here in Duluth.

1 thought on “TDR Podcast #23 – Jessica Rossing Interview”

  1. Jessica Rossing is my hero .
    She talked me into running.
    I would never forget the first time she put me on the treadmill to do intervals., then shortly after I joined Evolve Run Club.
    From that point forward I fell in love with running.
    Thank you Jess for awakening the desire to become a runner because running saved my


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